The reboot Repair shop

First semester, 2021

Assessing the damages, fixing them, and being equipped for today

The Repair Workshop | The Virtual Debate | The ReBoot Box

The concept. An assessment process based on facts + exchange of lessons learned between qualified global book professionals + well-organized toolbox with documentation, reports and session recordings.

The people. Proposed by Carlo Carrenho, Klaus-Peter Stegen, Rüdiger Wischenbart, with partners +  sponsors.

Roll up the sleeves, check the facts, and don’t go alone about what needs to be done!

After a widely received first season in fall 2020, with four Preparations Workshops and a 6-hour state of the industry debate on October 13 – attended by 200 experienced industry leaders from 28 countries in a unique mix of heads of worldwide corporations and small local innovators –, it is time to move on.

In the first half year of 2021, ReBoot proposes a systematic assessment of the damage, based on a rich survey of multiple data sources and intertwined with a structured set of workshops, with the goal of comparing lessons,xperiences, and proposed solutions.

ReBoot will focus on how authors, publishers, suppliers, and retailers:

>>> Operate in highly dynamic markets, defined by changing consumer habits and mounting competition for consumers’ attention and budgets;

>>> Manage seamlessly multiple formats, business and distribution models, while new entrants from other media industries approach the same audiences;

>>> Learn to directly target consumers, build sustainable communities around more granular audiences, and attract the best creative talent for books and readers.


The Repair workshop calendar foresees three units of 2-4 hours in the first half year of 2021:

25 FEB 2021: Assessing the damage, and identifying the key lessons for looking forward;

21 APR 2021: How to fix what is broken, and who can offer the best tools for that aim;

22 JUN 2021: Navigating to new islands and sailing with the winds of change.

You can subscribe to all three ReBoot units plus get permanent access to the ReBoot Box at a flat rate of € 149, or buy tickets for each unit separately at € 99.


We invite sponsors and partners to engage with ReBoot on a continuous basis, with customized cooperation packages starting at € 5,000 for 1HY2021.

Contact info:
info@rebootbooks.org | www.rebootbooks.org 

Carlo Carrenhocarlo@rebootbooks.org
Klaus-Peter Stegenpeter@rebootbooks.org

Rüdiger Wischenbartruediger@rebootbooks.org