It is less about a revolution than adding new pipes and connections to the traditional networks for bringing books, physical or digital, to customers.

Sure, e-commerce has soared, an ever-wider gap has opened between the overall resilience in many national book markets and the turnover generated by just the brick-and-mortar stores. Some large book chains successfully implemented ‘omnichannel’ strategies to combine physical and digital sales. Many smaller entities have invested huge energy, smart thinking, and money to strengthen customer relations. And, for a while, small neighborhood bookshops made home delivery on a bicycle their new trademark service.

For a forward-looking start into the second fall under the pandemic, the ReBoot debate will present – and evaluate – a cross section of new practices in book selling, from again a wide array of international use cases:

⮕ Bringing state-of-the-art e-commerce to independent bookshops;

⮕ Re-positioning regional book-chains against new competitors from outside books;

⮕ Selling books off-the-beaten-track by re-discovering secondary sales channels;

⮕ Exploring, and understanding, game changing communication strategies like TikTok influencing for selling books and expanding the target audience.


Part I: 14.00 to 14.30 (CET):

Bringing state-of-the-art e-commerce to independent bookshops

Andy Hunter 🇺🇸, founder and CEO of, in a keynote conversation with Jane Friedman 🇺🇸, strategist and advisor to authors and publishers, on bringing an exciting and hugely successful digital store front to independent booksellers;

Part II: 14.30 to 15.15 (CET)

How books and bookshops appear on TikTok – a panorama with exemplary
international case studies

Presented by Maju Alves 🇧🇷 and Michaela Anna Fleischhacker 🇦🇹.. TikTok is much more than a social media platform with a focus on young audiences. It certainly allows powerful promotion of a book or a bookshop, but its potential usages go far beyond. It brings a complete engine for direct-to-consumer marketing, with an easy to set up feedback channel; it allows to finetune your message to different audiences; it is powerful for supporting a community and a brand building agenda, with almost unlimited reach and agility.

Part III: 15.15 to 16.00 (CET)

Repositioning regional book chains and selling books off-the-beaten-track. Models, learnings, and new approaches in international perspectives.

A dynamic round table with:

Hernán Rosso 🇦🇷 on creating with Big Sur ( a novel digital community around fine books, publishers, retailers and readers in Argentina and in Chile;

Serban Radu 🇷🇴, on turning Romanian Cărturești into an internationally acclaimed role model for their sense of community with customers and support of writers

Arsenii Gavritskov 🇷🇺 on his high-end Instagram campaign carried by the Saint Petersburg-based bookstore Podpisnyye Izdaniya.

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